Should You Buy Stray?

Should you buy Stray? Is this adventure platformer with puzzle elements really that amazing? Isn’t it a standard adventure game in a cyberpunk city but now you’re a cat? Well, this game is one magical little experience, the fact we play as a cat definitely adds to the experience, but it’s still one title you should definitely check out.

But before we dive into this Stray game PC review, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is the game Stray about?

Stray is an unusual and charming adventure game where we play as a cat that needs to leave a cyberpunk city full of strange robots.

Who made the game Stray?

BlueTwelve Studio developed the game and Annapurna Interactive published the game.

When does the game Stray come out?

Stray was released on July 19, 2022.

How much is the game Stray?

You can buy Stray for 26,99€.

Where can I find a cheap Stray key?

You can buy a cheap Stray key on HRK Game.

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Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio

Stray is the PC game where you play as a cat

So is Stray just your regular adventure game, but you play as a cat? Well, you solve puzzles, explore a cyberpunk environment, and sneak around dangerous foes. It’s pretty standard so far. You can collect things and do other things you can do in other adventure games, but now you’re a cat. It does change the perspective a bit. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a cat?

Stray is a PC game that plays a lot with its perspective. Exploring a city from the ground level is a strange and frightening thing. Maybe some people don’t consider it different enough, but my time spent with Stray on PC was quite fun, especially when I immersed myself into the game while doing puzzles and running around as a CAT.

But Stray does feature a sorrowful story. It has happy moments, horror, and heart-wrenching moments that genuinely make you cry.

 And, coupled with a bittersweet story that oscillates between joy, heartbreak, and even occasionally horror, it makes for one of the best games of the year.

Cats and Robots

In Stray, you play as a nameless cat torn from its feline buddies at the start of the game and thrust into an underground world populated by robots rather than humans. The initial goal is straightforward: return to the surface. However, the goal quickly evolves into something more. You’re eventually joined by a charming drone named B12, and the world’s secrets begin to pile up. On your way to the surface, you rise through the levels of robot civilization, learning more about their lives and past and what happened to humans.

On top of that, there are the zurks, a swarm of weird bug-like monsters who consume seemingly anything. This contains robots, which keep the machines confined to various underground slums and adorable small kittens.

Stray is also a PC game that pulls off the silent protagonist thing quite well. Cats don’t talk, they meow, and that doesn’t change. No need for talking; we can let our actions speak for ourselves. The drone does some translations, but those are few and far between. I quite liked this game from the start of my playthrough for this Stray review. You don’t need to talk to robots, do favors for them, and they will help you with your problems in return. Reunite a father and son, who knows how they may repay your kindness.

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Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio

Stray deals with a lot of heavy themes

You can finish Stray on PC in about 6-8 hours, depending on how fast you go through the story and the levels. The game doesn’t shy away from heavy themes like an environmental disaster, inequality, etc. And you deal with all of these as a cute little cat. It’s tough.

Stray is a game that keeps you constantly moving, and you don’t have to do a lot of thinking there. Just press the button to leap gracefully from one edge to another. There are environmental puzzles in the game, but they are straightforward to go over. Some involve you running around trying to repair machines. Not your kind of fun? Well, others involve scaring robots by meowing. Stray is one weird game, but the weird that we need to see more of.

A straightforward and enjoyable adventure game

No needless action, no bloated skill systems, or generic side content. It’s just you, this vast cyberpunk town, and a lot of jumping. Would anyone play Stray on PC if you weren’t playing as a cute little cat? We don’t know, but I’m pretty sure the main appeal of the game is just that. And why wouldn’t it be? The verticality of each room is drastically different when you’re a small cat and not a huge man maneuvering around the place.

Despite this, there are a few action sequences that, despite how brief they may be, contribute an essential amount of intensity to the whole experience. At the beginning of the game, you will have to face swarms of zurks, and the only way to defeat them is to either flee or make do with what little weapons you have. These moments can sometimes be terrifying, and it’s reminiscent of the rat hordes from A Plague Tale.

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Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio

The game never becomes too tedious

There were a few instances in which I found myself dying over and over again. This repeated until I finally learned the patterns of the bugs and devised a strategy for a safe exit. It seemed more tedious than it did grueling, albeit these moments were uncommon, and Stray is a PC game that has a very generous checkpoint system, so you are never forced to redo significant chunks of the game. However, it was rare that these moments occurred. Later, the action switches to stealth, and to go into other locations; you have to avoid robots at all costs entirely.

Stray is a game that perfectly balances action and adventure. It isn’t as polished as I would like for this short title, but it delivers a refreshing and well-paced experience. There is never a moment that overstays its welcome, and the simple and intuitive controls make sure you’re constantly moving and never stuck in one place for a long time.

A surprisingly moving story

The story is the same. Should you buy Stray if you’re just a fan of cat games? Yes. Should you buy the game if you like stories that tackle elements of melancholy, existentialism, and tragedy? YES, but just be prepared for heavy themes. Something most didn’t expect from a game where you play as a cat in a cyberpunk city.

If you want it to be, the experience will also provide plenty of opportunities for silent reflection. Stray allows you a lot of free time to do nothing but be a cat. You are free to ruin carpets and couches, create a complete mess of a board game that is still being played, or do whatever you want while lying down on a sleeping robot for as long as you please. 

You’re a cat; after all, you deserve some time just to unwind. Buy Stray if you want to give your mind some peaceful cat bliss.

It may be necessary to perform some of these activities to complete certain puzzles. Still, the vast majority of the time, they have no purpose other than to be entertaining distractions that help you get into the mindset of a cat. This game is like a mental vacation. No thoughts, just happy meow sounds.

You won’t understand until you buy a Stray PC key and play the game yourself.

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Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio

Should you buy Stray? – Conclusion

Stray is a game that encourages you to take your time, but it doesn’t allow you to outstay your welcome. I was unable to put it down and ended up playing through it all in only two sittings. I had to play for this review either way, but I would have played it even if that wasn’t the case. Why? Because I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen next. When you combine that meticulously structured narrative with gameplay that allows you to meow on command, you get an experience that satisfies a want I didn’t even realize I had until I had it. Don’t underestimate how freaking insane it is to meow at whatever crap you see in a game. That crap is food for my soul. I need all games to have a dedicated meow button from now on.

So if you want to buy a Stray Steam game key, HRK Game offers a discount.


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