Should You Buy The Saints Row Reboot?

Should you buy the Saints Row Reboot? It’s the newest rendition of the usually goofy Saints Row universe, one that’s obviously aiming at a Gen Z audience.

The game definitely went in a direction many won’t like, but as a game, is the Saints Row Reboot any good? Before we dive deep into the game, let’s answer some of the most common questions asked about Volition’s Saints Row.

What is the Saints Row reboot?

The Saints Row reboot is an action-adventure game, the fifth main entry in the franchise that also reboots the entire series.

Who made the Saints Row reboot?

The Saints Row reboot was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver.

When is the Saints Row reboot coming out?

The Saints Row reboot came out on August 23, 2022.

How much is the Saints Row reboot?

You can buy the Saints Row reboot for€59.99.

Where can I buy a cheap Saints Row reboot key?

You can buy a cheap Saints Row reboot Epic Games key on HRK Game.

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The reboot takes the series down a notch

Let’s welcome back the Saints, as they arrive once more with driving, shooting, and flying with their gang of mentally unstable youngsters. The Saints this time around are a lot more lighthearted people. They do organized crime, but they also do a bit of drug trafficking every now and then.

As always, the Saints Row games are like GTA but on LSD. Even with the reboot, that type of comparison still stands valid. But while Saints Row 2 was slightly crazy, Saints Row: The Third had us fight zombies and wrestlers, and in the final game, Saints Row 4 ended up taking the fight against aliens. Yes, Gat Out of Hell had us face Satan, but at that point, the franchise reached peak insanity.

With the Saints Row reboot, Volition decided to hit the restart button. Why? Well, where can you go after fighting Satan and aliens exactly?

The Saints Row reboot and its Characters

The Saints Row reboot has characters that are only starting to enter the life of crime. The problem lies with the Saints Row reboot trailer that made our young Saints look like extremely annoying Gen Z kids. A look that doesn’t suit a crime group at all.

But they’re not that bad once you meet them all. One dude is a DJ that really likes to stay shirtless. Another one left an unpaid internship to get some real cash, and they became a mechanic for a crime boss. Of course, there’s also an entrepreneur that watched too many motivational TED talks and now ended up being a part of a crime gang. Our character works for a security firm with such a rigid training system that most don’t survive it at all.

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Image credit: Volition

These parody characters are the same that the previous games had

When you look at it closely, the Saints Row reboot characters are the same type of parody archetypes that we sat in the previous games. It just seems people don’t remember that the original Saints cast was the same, but made fun of archetypes that were trendy then.

The Saints Row reboot character creation is very robust. The problem is, no matter how crazy your character looks, we see them in the intro when they’re older. It wouldn’t make sense that a green-haired party animal that I made ended up as a grand mafia boss, but it still made me sad they all turned out pretty vanilla after taking control of the entire town.

Abuse the character creator tool

After the intro, the next 20-30 hours cover how our gang acquired such power. Don’t get the wrong impression, you should definitely make the most insane-looking character. The Saints Row reboot character creator is absolutely amazing. The amount of options available is staggering, and since this is Saints Row, the combinations you can pull off are completely unhinged.

Turn yourself into a gothic prince and slaughter a gang of criminals that use glowstick shields. How did we come to this? No one knows, but it’s Saints Row, so this is nothing new. This time the Saints Row reboot and its gameplay introduce gun-fu, which should have been added to the franchise a long time ago.

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Image credit: Volition

The Saints Row reboot and its Gameplay

The Saints Row reboot and its gameplay bring a lot more innovation to the table. There’s a GPS arrow that leads you through the world. If you don’t like it, you can turn it off or tweak it to only give bits of information. Change the size of the minimap, tweak enemies’ health bars to change up the game’s difficulty, and toggle nudity. If you don’t want nudity but you are ok with various kinds of hilarious censor bars, you can do that too. The amount of tweaks in the game is insane. Players have the option of changing absolutely every part of the Saint Row reboot’s gameplay.

The reboot runs smoothly on the PC

Unlike some of the previous Saints Row games, the Saints Row reboot runs smoothly. A stable 60 fps is joined by very clean visuals. Anyone that took a look at the Saints Row reboot trailer said it looked like a horrible Fortnite clone in terms of graphics. It’s obvious the devs did a lot to make the framerate stable, so don’t expect to see a lot of people in Santo Ileso. It’s a desert, yes, but no one expected it to be this desolate.

This type of world isn’t optimal for a Saints Row game, but you take what you can get. One major complaint I have though is definitely the criminal ventures. These are missions so tedious you’ll end up breaking your keyboard by the time you’re done with the 4th one.

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Image credit: Volition

Criminal ventures are a bore

The Saints Row reboot fails its gameplay with missions that are only annoying and nothing else. Sure, sometimes you get hoverboards, and they are insanely fun. Other times, you have to drive a truck full of toxic waste. Spill it, and you’re done.

Since you need money to do these criminal ventures, when you’re stuck on one that’s no fun, your enthusiasm will quickly die out. Normal side missions are still fun, and I recommend you stick to them throughout the game.

The reboot isn’t nearly as crazy as its predecessors

For some reason, the insanity of the Saints Row reboot’s criminal activities is toned down a lot, especially when you compare them to the last Saints Row game. It’s not even just the activities, the amount of craziness overall got toned down. There are not a lot of absurd weapons lying around in this game. This translates into action sequences that aren’t brimming with madness, and that’s a big red flag for a Saints Row game.

Even the craziest the game has to offer, let’s say, antigravity grenades, aren’t all that special. This is sad, considering the previous games gave us dubstep guns and black dildos as weapons to use against our enemies.

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Image credit: Volition

Should you buy the Saints Row reboot? – Final Verdict

While the Saints Row reboot trailer got a lot of hate, the game ended up being a lot more fun than many of us thought. While the newest entry doesn’t feature nearly as much insanity as you’re used to, it’s a very colorful and playful open-world game that lets its players fiddle around with all aspects of its world and gameplay.

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