Sifu Announces Delay In New Action-Packed Trailer

The absolutely stunning kung-fu brawler Sifu announces a small delay in its second high octane, high-intensity trailer.

Sifu delay
Image credit: Sloclap

Did you play Absolver? A wild and fast-paced multiplayer fighting game with an insanely high skill ceiling. I never played it myself, since I’m a 24-year-old with old man reflexes, but I watched tons of it on YouTube. Some high-level matches feel like watching a fight scene from a movie or an anime. It’s an overwhelmingly intense experience that I suggest you check out.

But, what does Absolver have to do with Sifu? Well. Sloclap is the developer of both of them. Therefore, I wanted to explain why I and many others are hyped as hell for Sifu. In addition to this fact, the trailers we got for the game look outstanding.

Fluid combat animations, incredibly smooth dodging, weighty punching and kicking. So far we’ve seen a lot of cool fighting, but raw gameplay footage is still desirable. You should still check out the new gameplay teaser down below though:

Yes, Sifu shows a delay at the end of the trailer. Thankfully for us, it went from 2021 to early 2022. Still no concrete release date but it’s better to give the devs all the time they need. Single-player brawler games are a rare gem today. Give them all the time in the world to make it the best experience possible.

You can find out more about Sifu on their official website.

Sifu delay
Image credit: Sloclap

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