Skull and Bones Delayed Once Again

Skull and Bones, the pirate game that was announced 4 years ago, now receives another delay that pushes its release date back even more.

Skull and Bones delay
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft hasn’t shown Skull and Bones a lot. There was some footage, but we covered it a long time ago. This is precisely the problem, as this title received so many delays it’s crazy. Development hell seems to be a normal occurrence in the age of a global pandemic, but Skull and Bones is really going through a rough patch.

The question now is, will they cancel it? Or is this the final delay and we’re supposed to eagerly wait for its release date? Something is a problem with the game’s development, but for now, let’s just stay positive.

There’s just one interesting thing. I covered an interesting shift in Ubisoft yesterday. They’re deciding to focus more on premium free-to-play games. It won’t affect their development of the usual triple-A releases they’ve been doing. Still, could this affect Skull and Bones? The game switched to a “live-service” version sometime during its development, so it could end up as a free-to-play live service title.

You can see the Skull and Bones delay in their earnings call. The game’s new release date is 2022-2023.

Skull and Bones delay
Image credit: Ubisoft

If you’re a fan of pirate games you can check out Assassin’s Creed IV Blackflag and Sea of Thieves, both available for an amazing price!

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