Slay the Spire Gets An Exciting New Event

Want to play a dungeon crawler with a bit of RNG, some planning, interesting combat mechanics, and that is also a card builder game? Well, have you heard of a title called Slay the Spire? It’s also a roguelike title, so death is not an option, so you can already expect to engage in thrilling and challenging combat. The new patch that came to Slay the Spire brought some quality of life improvements when it comes to viewing Relics, as well as a new event which has exclusive Relics in it. There are also five new Shop Relics which you can buy to increase their diversity.

Slay the Spire

If you haven’t tried Slay the Spire before, we definitely recommend playing it. It offers such a unique and cool blend of genres, with amazing mechanics that keep the game constantly interesting and captivating. There are three different characters that all have different cards and play styles. Now, as far as this Face Trader event is concerned, there are 5 new Relics which you can find, all of which appear to be maks or having something to do with faces.

Also, they changed the way we see Relics. You see, when you had too many of them at once, their icons would get too small. Now 25 can be displayed at the same time, which is rather neat.



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