Slay the Spire Gets Its Fourth Character, The Watcher

Slay the Spire just got its fourth character, the Watcher that came out from the oven of beta testing and onto the live servers.

The Watcher, Slay the Spire's fourth character
Image credit: Mega Crit Games

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Slay the Spire is one of the most ingenious combination of genres on the market. A roguelike turn-based card game that’s also a dungeon crawler with an ingenious build system for creating and tailoring your character so that no run is ever the same thanks to special cards, artifacts, and so on.

This gem of a game just got its fourth character. In a title where each playable character carries a unique playstyle, this is huge news. The Watcher is all about switching divine stances and juggling the effects they provide. She definitely seems like a combo character with a lot of potential for insane chain attacks. I haven’t played her yet but I plan to give her a try as soon as possible.

Slay the Spire didn’t just get the Watcher in this update. It added a bunch of other content as well. This update also added the Potion Lab of the Compendium section. In it, you get to see all the potions that are available in the game. Modding support also got some love. Some new content in the form of new artifacts and potions has also blessed our future dungeon runs. Check out the patch notes for more information.

Potion Lab, the new feature
Image credit: Mega Crit Games

If you haven’t already, please check this title out. It’s absolutely fantastic and its replayability is insane. You can get a Slay the Spire PC game key on HRK Game for an outstanding price right now!

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