Spider-Man Game Almost Wasn’t “Funny Enough”?

When it comes to adapting a property for a different kind of media than it was born in, there’s always a question of whether you’ll be “accurate enough” in regards to the characters origins, or the worlds design and other such things. When it comes to adapting a comic book property, the expectations are even higher, and so you can imagine the pressure of Insomniac Games when they announced they were making a Spider-Man title for the PS4.

While it’s easy to look at the booming success the game was when it released last year and sold like hot cakes, there were points during development when the team wasn’t sure it would work. Mainly…in regards to the humor, which Spider-Man is associated with.

“When the story was still not totally there, I think there were concerns about ‘was the story gonna be funny enough?,'” said Bryan Intihar at a DICE summit. “And do we have to add more humor? We knew more was coming, it just wasn’t in the game yet, and I said ’no, we’re gonna be totally fine’.”

And they were fine in the end, but he did note that there were some minor tweaks that needed to be added:

“We had the story we wanted, then some things weren’t there, but we actually went back and did some reshoots, and we actually found moments that were already in the game where we could literally just add a 15 second sequence to the end of a certain scene, or something at the beginning… that helped at the end of the day.”

As noted, the game was a booming success, and word is already spreading of a sequel to the title. The game has also been praised critically and earned many awards for various things that it has done. And yes, the game was funny too.

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