Stalker 2 Dev Highlight Covers the E3 Trailer

A brand new Stalker 2 dev highlight goes over everything we’ve seen in the E3 trailer and gives us a bit more info about the game.

Stalker 2 dev highlight
Image credit: GSC

I’ve been craving more Stalker 2 ever since it was first announced. So I covered each tidbit of info available. It wasn’t much, but enough to keep my hopes alive and well. Cult classics like the Stalker games don’t get sequels often. Especially a sequel that looks so jaw-droppingly amazing that you need quite a powerful PC to even run the game on the lowest settings.

Then the E3 trailer dropped and I started screaming like a little girl. I’m not exaggerating, everyone who saw the trailer feels the same way. But, that’s not enough. Now there’s a Stalker 2 dev highlight that’s going over the E3 trailer and giving us more info about the stuff shown there. Watch it down below:

The intro bandit fight shows the player picking up and installing weapon modifications on the go. It’s good to see the action uninterrupted by menus. Then we find out the new detector used for artifact hunts is called Gilka, which is a “branch” in Ukrainian.

Jelly, the artifact located with the “branch” is one that recovers the player’s stamina. The last bit of useful info is about the Gauss Gun. As one might expect, this electrical powerhouse is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Oh, and the guy at the end of the trailer, Sergiy Grygorovich is actually the creator of the Stalker franchise. Nice cameo and completely unexpected.

Stalker 2 dev highlight
Image credit: GSC

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