Star Citizen Reveals Theaters of War 20v20 Game Mode

Star Citizen reveals Theaters of War, a 20v20 game mode in which we get to fight other players with weapons and all sorts of vehicles.

Vehicle from Theaters of War
Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Shooting on foot, in vehicles, and in space

The Star Marine part of Star Citizen just got a 20v20 mode that incorporates battles on foot, battles in vehicles, and battles in space. Seems like the perfect game mode for anyone who wants some hardcore shooter action in this space simulation video game. Star Citizen and its Theaters of War game mode look an awful lot like PlanetSide 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II, minus the lightsabers and mean Sith Emperors. You can see the gameplay here.

Another ambitious sub-part of an already overly ambitious game

But, considering that Star Citizen is an incredibly grand project with a lot of elements, this seems like a natural fit. Shoot lasers on foot, drive a space tank, or go up into space and turn the enemy’s spacecraft into smithereens with your own piloting prowess. But, when I watched the trailer, the Star Citizen Theaters of War game mode didn’t stand out that much. It looks bland and generic. However, that may be because this is still in alpha, as everything else related to Star Citizen is.

Vehicle from Theaters of War
Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen and its long development

This phenomenon of a video game has spent quite a lot of time in development. The devs also got a staggering amount of crowdfunding to back it all up. I’m still wondering, will this game be a triumphant success or an incredibly heartbreaking failure? It seems overly ambitious at times, but people are still pouring absurd amounts of cash into it to buy virtual space ships. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but I’m hoping it ends up being good. Who wouldn’t love to play a game of this scope that’s actually enjoyable?

Player from Theaters of War
Image credit: Cloud Imperium Games

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