Is Star Wars Battlefront II Getting Private Matches Soon?

Star Wars Battlefront II has basically been in “recovery mode” since launch in November. The game was mired with controversy from the getgo, including having an insanely hard progression system, and a microtransaction system that was so bad, it was determined to be “gambling” by .many, and prompted government action. Yeah, not good. Yet, EA and DICE have pushed on, and have been working on the next wave of content for the title. Some of which has just been teased by Design Director Dennis Brännvall.

Brännvall has had a series of conversations with players on Twitter, and some of his responses have peaked many people’s interests. For example, a player asked if Battlefront II could have private matches, to which Brännvall replied:

“What, so you could play SWBF Competitive you mean?”

A very interesting answer, no? Private Matches would be something that many would appreciate, as it would limit the “range” of players they would be facing off against, which has been an issue for some as matches can have those who “pay-2-win” versus those who don’t, which is unbalanced.

Star Wars Battlefront II

One player asked about the possibility of having special skins for the Clone characters. Or even better, have Clone characters as special Heroes. Citing Cody, Rex, Five’s and others from the Clone Wars cartoon. Brännvall stated that more info on skins would be coming soon. He also teased that Anakin Skywalker could also be coming soon to the Heroes side of things.

Brännvall also promised that big bug fixes are coming, including some of the bugs plaguing Hero powers and the rolling glitch.

Though obviously just teases, this is something to be hopeful for. Battlefront II isn’t a bad game per se, it’s just lacking in some severe areas. Some have been fixed, and others seem on the way to being fixed. Hopefully, these new updates make the game a more wholesome experience.

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