Star Wars Battlefront II Goes Live With Han Solo Event

Star Wars Battlefront II has been trying to make up a lot of ground with its players after the launch debacle last year. And to their credit, they’ve been doing a decent job. They’ve been bringing in new content, new modes, completely redid the microtransaction system, and more. And now, before the release of the Solo film, they’re bringing a bunch of content into the game to honor Han Solo. Oh, and that update has just gone live, here’s a breakdown of what’s in it:

In this update we revisit the iconic location of Jabba’s Palace. inside Jabba’s Palace were some of Han’s friends in some of the most unique unique appearances in the Star Wars universe. Specifically Lando Calrissian in a Skiff Guard appearance and, as our first legendary Appearance, Leia Organa disguised as the bounty hunter Boussh – complete with the scrambled voice!

We’re also introducing a new permanent game mode where players will play as two Heroes against two Villains, where the winning team needs to change up their strategy to continue winning. We call it Hero Showdown!

Star Wars Battlefront II

But wait! There’s more:

On top of a new multiplayer mode, we have something for Arcade fans and fans of starfighter combat in general – Custom Arcade now has a mode for Starfighters! This provides the chance to try out the various starfighters whenever you want.

Lastly, we’ve introduced a few other improvements that we hope you enjoy; including the ability to Upgrade and Unlock Star Cards in the pre-round phase of a match and the addition of lore text to all of the Appearances!

On top of all of that, the teams at EA and DICE have done a lot of overhauling on the Hero and Villain characters in the game, check out the full patch notes to see who got an update and how it’ll affect how they play.

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