Starbound Gets Bounty Hunters In New Update

Starbound, a sandbox survival game set in space, finally got the 1.4 update that introduces the Bounty Hunters faction.

The Bounty Hunter update arrived a few days ago and it comes with a lot of content. It lets players join the Peacekeepers faction. Anyone that ever wanted to become a bounty hunter that traces down vicious criminal gangs that are hiding throughout the galaxy can now finally do that. Of course, the update also adds a whole lot more. Expect to see new elemental variations of monsters, new furniture, new weapons, a sports car, and more!

Now, to get back to the bounty hunting business. These objectives are procedurally-generated quests and they send you to many worlds and into space to track down your targets. Peacekeeper stations are also present. You can earn promotions and earn all kinds of rewards if you’re good at your job. There’s even a thrilling final mission where you take on a boss!



Starbound looks a lot like Terraria in space, and even though it plays a lot like that game, there are still many differences. But, if you’re into these kinds of sandbox 2D games, Starbound is definitely a game that you should check out. As you can see, it still receives a lot of free updates that contain a lot of awesome content!

If you’ve never tried this game before, this would be a great chance to do so. Those of you that played it, will you come back to become a bounty hunter?

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