Steam Breaks Another Concurrent Players Record

Thanks to the outbreak that’s making everyone stay at their homes, Steam just broke another concurrent player record.

Well well well, who would have thought. A global health crisis that’s making all of us stay at home is making the video games industry explode with new life. Everyone finally has time to check out a new game they’ve wanted to play for a while. Or perhaps friends decided to hang out in some multiplayer game like CS: GO, or League of Legends.  It was completely expected, as not that we can’t go outside for prolonged periods of time, a lot of us are turning to gaming.  Steam also saw a brand new all-time player peak. The record was broken a couple of days ago when the all-time player peak reached 20,313,451 players.

As I’ve mentioned before, no one has any other option than staying at home. And what do we do best when we’re stuck in our houses for long periods of time? We play a lot of freaking games. This new Steam concurrent player record proves that. Hell, CS: GO even manage to hit a brand new record for most concurrent online users. So, whatever is going on out there, we gamers are following the epidemic-prevention guidelines and staying home playing our video games. I mean we do that regardless, but you get my point.

Steam concurrent player record
Image credit: SteamDB

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