Steam Deck Actually Has Some Impressive Specs

Valve updated the Steam Deck specs that now show the correct memory specification which is quite impressive for a handheld device.

Steam Deck specs
Image credit: Locuza

Valve left a lot of tech-savvy gamers confused with Steam Deck’s initial specs. At first, we saw the handheld device equipped with a dual-channel LPDDR5. But, a later correction shows the Deck’s equipped with a powerful quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR5. An important distinction since a handheld like this one needs a huge amount of bandwidth that’s relevant to its solid GPU performance. Twitter user Locuza pointed that out in his Twitter post.

It turns out the Steam Deck has some impressive specs for a handheld console. Since memory bandwidth is incredibly important for these kinds of devices because of its chip, the incredibly powerful AMD APU. It’s a CPU and GPU piece of silicon that lets both of them access the same memory pool. This is why the handheld needs a ton of bandwidth relative to its GPU performance.

In conclusion, Valve’s Steam Deck comes with specs much better than was officially thought. It has everything it needs to become a handheld powerhouse. And considering Valve always impresses with its new technology, it’s safe to assume their Steam Deck will be another smash hit.

Steam Deck specs
Image credit: Valve

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