Steam Deck Can Run Any Game Without Issue

Valve talked more about Steam Deck and its capabilities in an IGN video saying their handheld device can run any Steam game without issue.

Steam Deck can run
Image credit: Valve

We talked about Steam Deck and its impressive specs already. It’s quite a powerful handheld device that’s able to run any game that’s available on Steam. And that’s not a random statement, Valve themselves said the same thing themselves in an IGN interview.

Steam Deck is literally the physical embodiment of your Steam library. It may sound strange at first, but considering this is pretty much a portable PC, it makes sense. With its super powerful processor and graphics card, a potent battery, and super slick design, Steam Deck can run any game, be it old or modern, without any issues.

Great load times, great save times, smooth performance on modern triple-A games. Excellent thumbstick and touchpads so players can enjoy all kinds of games be it isometric grand strategies, action adventures, puzzle games, shooters, and so on. All genres are equally catered to so the player can fully interact with the games’ mechanics as smoothly as possible.

In conclusion, Steam Deck looks like it’s the next step in PC gaming if it ends up being as amazing as it seems right now. Find out more about Valve’s handheld device on their official site.

Steam Deck can run
Image credit: Valve

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