Steam Is Constantly Reaching New Heights

Steam is reaching new heights as it has broken its concurrent online users peak as 19,107,803 players were online at the same time.

Steam new heights
Image credit: SteamDB

Valve continues to dominate the digital distribution service industry

Valve continues to dominate the video game digital distribution service industry. It’s to no one’s surprise, as we still have no real competition for Steam. GOG and the Epic Games Store are trying their best. But Steam is a behemoth in the industry that’s leagues ahead of everything else. It seems that even more people are starting to use Steam, as this digital distribution service just set a brand new record for its concurrent users.

A new concurrent record

That’s right, SteamDB reported that Sunday saw a new peak of 19,107,803 players. You just need to understand that a lot of people have Steam running in the background. Still, it’s astonishing to see Steam as a platform continuing to grow at a steady pace. Especially when you consider that the most played titles on the list include some of Valve’s titles. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (the most played game on Steam currently) and Dota 2, both free-to-play titles. Other popular games include PUBG, Monster Hunter: World, and GTA V. It’s safe to say that Steam is just going to continue growing unchallenged. At least until some of the other video game digital distribution services out there don’t up their game and come out with something extraordinary that’s going to revolutionize the industry. Epic Games Store tried to do that with a much lower 12% cut while Steam takes 30%, but Epic Games also did a bunch of other anti-consumer things that did not earn the store any favors.

Steam new heights
Image credit: SteamDB

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