Steam’s Version Of Titanfall Fixed Its Servers

Titanfall recently launched on Steam with broken servers and other problems that have now been completely fixed.

Titanfall Steam servers
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall’s surprise Steam launch was, well, a surprise both wonderful and distressing. A lot of us welcomed the return of an awesome shooter, but the problems that came with it were horrible. Thankfully, these are fixed now, the servers are stable, the audio bug is patched, and it’s time. TIME TO WALL RUN AND ENGAGE IN EPIC MECH FIGHTS. For those unaware, Titanfall had a rough couple of years thanks to a ravenous hacker problem. But, that’s not a problem with the Steam version and its impregnable defenses.

Now we can all enjoy one of the most thrilling, intense, and overall enjoyable multiplayer shooters that the last decade has to offer. The community itself is a blessing, as all the players are friendly and love the game to death. Now that Titanfall is free of bugs on Steam and the servers are stable, it’s time to experience fun in a multiplayer shooter once again.

So, why is Titanfall so fun? For many different reasons. There are huge Titans (Mechs but whatever) that you can completely customize. Weapons, perks, the chassis, everything on them can be changed. The maps are incredibly designed and offer fast-paced, intense gameplay that never slows down. There’s a ton of crazy innovative game modes as well. Gunplay is responsive, movement is slick, and takedown time is solid. What more do you need?

Titanfall Steam servers
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

If you’re more interested in the sequel, you can find Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition on both the PC and the Xbox One on HRK Game for insanely low prices right now!

  1. Linksys says

    The article does not fully describe the reality, there are still hacker problems around the game. Not only write about it, but also test it for at least a week!

    1. Dante says

      Hey Linksys, I didn’t see many complaints about hackers then, is the problem with hackers still rampant now?

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