Story Matters A Lot In Metro Exodus

There is a debate going on right now in the world of video games, and it all focuses around the need for story and a singleplayer experience. There are many who believe that the singleplayer experience is dying, and that multiplayer games are going to slowly make them extinct. But then, you get games like God of War and Spider-Man PS4 and the tide seems to turn back to the balancing act it’s at now. Another title that is going to make a claim on the singleplayer experience is Metro Exodus.

The latest game in the Metro series is going to be its biggest yet, and according to the games writer, Dmitiri Glukhovsky, it’ll have the most immersive story ever:

“[The Metro books] are just stains of paint over paper. It’s the story and the fantasy that turns a brick of cellulose into a real world. Literature is a real magic, for people who know letters and words. One thing completes the other thing. Literature titillates your imagination – you are kind of co-creating this world when you imagine it while you’re reading it. When you play a game, everything is served to you on a dish. At the same time, when you can go and play, this is an immersive experience that’s pretty much unparalleled.”

Metro 2033

He also likened the story of Metro Exodus to that of Breaking Bad, and condemning movies that go for action and spectacle and nothing else:

“If you go and watch a Transformers movie, you’ll throw up in about five minutes whether you’re wearing the [3D glasses] or not, because the story is so stupid. If you watch Breaking Bad, where there’s no 3D, and it’s on three sets, and the cast is about five people. And you can’t stop watching because it’s so thrilling, and compelling, and breathtaking. This is it. Story comes first.”

Exodus arrives on February 15th.

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