Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition To Bring Sakura Into Game For Free Trial

When the original Street Fighter V came out, it had a very “lean” roster. For when Capcom made the game, they decided to put in 8 classic characters, four veterans who hadn’t been seen in awhile and then add four completely new characters to the mix. When they decided that they needed more, they decided to do it via Season Passes. The first two seasons of these passes have come and gone, and have added characters like Akuma, Cammie White, Guile, Juri, and more. With the upcoming Arcade Edition update/purchase, one of the Season 03 characters will actually be available as a “free trial”.

This was revealed on the official Capcom site for the game, which details that from the game’s launch on the 16th, all the way to the 23rd, you can play as fan-favorite Sakura for free. And in that time, according to Capcom’s Andy Wong, you’ll be able to not just battle as her, but see where she is in the game’s story:

“In this time you’ll be able to play her story, use her costumes and play through all the modes found in SFV: AE. But once 1/23 comes around, this free trial will come to an end. Be sure to make her a permanent addition to your roster before then!

Sakura was introduced in Street Fighter II Alpha, and was revealed to be a huge fan of Street Fighter mainstay Ryu. She admired him so much that she wanted to be just like him, even begging him to train her.

In Street Fighter V, as you’ll see in her new main outfit, she’s grown up quite a bit since the events of SFIV. Apparently, though she still likes training and being a Street Fighter, she knows that her future is hers to decide. And thus doesn’t want to “waste” it by just thinking about one thing.

Sakura is part of the Season 03 pass of characters, which also include Street Fighter legends Sagat and Blanka.


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