Street Fighter V: Championship Edition Shows Off Gill Gameplay

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is the third edition of the game that gives you access to all the previous content and a new character.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition
Image credit: CAPCOM

The Championship Edition and Gill

So, Street Fighter V is getting a third edition. A lot of editions that are being sold as a way for players to get all the characters, stages, and costumes at once. It seems like a chore for the players, but at least now they can get all the content at once.  That is before they release the next batch of new characters, costumes for Chun-Li, and eccentric stages. Now, the main appeal of Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is Gill. A ruthless and cunning bastard that is usually found pulling the strings behind the scenes. This time, however, this master of both pyrokinesis and cryokinesis comes out to play on the main stage. His skillset as shown in the gameplay trailer seems to be centered around medium-range attacks and slow but sustained combos. But, he can juggle you like a ball with CC ice attacks and projectiles. His combos aren’t fast, but they seem to be quite long and damaging. Fitting for a godlike figure like Gill.

Some free content for everyone

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is also introducing some new content updates for all players. These include new V-Skills for everyone, balance changes, and new gameplay improvements that will add more depth to the game’s combat system. Everyone gets these, no matter if they buy the Championship Edition or not.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition
Image credit: CAPCOM

Street Fighter V is a fighting game with a lot of complexity behind its combat system. It’s quite fun and competitive once you get the hang of it. If you hadn’t tried it before, you can pick up a Street Fighter V PC game key on HRK Game right now for an outstanding price!

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