Super Smash Bros Ultimate Getting Final Nintendo Direct Thursday

While much of the world is getting buried in games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, or Red Dead Redemption 2, or are getting ready for Battlefield V, for Nintendo fans? Those games are good, but they’re the appetizer. As is fellow Nintendo title Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. So what’s the main course? Easy, it’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the five title in the long-running fighting game series from Nintendo. And this one truly seems to be the ultimate version of the franchise given everything that’s in it.

The game is already massive, and gamers know that there’s still more to be revealed, and as such, Nintendo’s newest announcement will no doubt fill them with joy. For on Twitter today, they revealed that the final Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will arrive on Thursday:

“Tune in 11/1 for roughly 40 minutes of new information in the final Super before the game’s release, hosted by Director Masahiro Sakurai! The Direct will be followed by a post-show Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation.”

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

With 40 minutes of time to announce things, we are no doubt going to get at least one or two more character reveals, if not more. Which is poignant because there was a Smash Bros “leak” recently, and gamers are looking for any and all proof that the leak is real or fake. Especially since the leak “revealed” some rather odd character additions for Ultimate.

But, naturally, the 40 minutes won’t just be on that, it will also be about the modes, items, online play, and other features that the game will no doubt have. Including the mystery mode that creator Masahiro Sakurai tease in the last Smash Bros Nintendo Direct.

So needless to say, with this being the final Smash Bros Direct before launch, all eyes are going to be on it for all sorts of reasons.

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