SUPERHOT Gets Standalone Expansion On Steam

You might it’s hard to put a twist on a genre as standard as a first-person shooter, as the gameplay doesn’t really change as long as you have a gun in your hands and enemies to shoot. But, as SUPERHOT revealed when it came to Steam and VR, it’s a bit more complicated, and fun, when you have the power of time at your control. For in the game, your world moves when you move, so you can freeze time and observe your enemies to plan your next move.

It’s been very popular on Steam, racking up numerous “Very Positive” reviews. So, it might surprise you that the SUPERHOT team are working on a standalone expansion that is already up on Steam via Early Access. The expansion is called MIND CONTROL DELETE, and it will play very different from the original game. Check out the reveal trailer.

The biggest twist on the gameplay might just be that the game is going to play more like a Roguelike than an FPS in some aspects. Likely meaning that the game will not just use permadeath, but also random generation of certain aspects. What’s more, the game is also bringing in more characters for you to play as. With each one having a special ability that you’ll need to not only use but master in order to get through the levels.

The levels themselves are going to evolve to test you in new ways, and will apparently be like a kaleidoscope. So take that as you will.

Another thing you can expect is an update in the enemies, the animations, and what you can do in the game, all of which is aiming to give you a new true SUPERHOT experience. The only downside is that the team admits the game is 9-12 months away, so you’ll have to bare with the Early Access version for quite a while.


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