Superhot VR Earns $2 Million In Just One Week

Bullet-hell shooter Superhot VR somehow managed to earn over $2 million in just one week across all platforms!

Player about to shoot an enemy with a double-barrel shotgun

This is one of those titles that make you want to buy a VR headset. Time slows down when you don’t move. Break apart the dude in the front of you with your bare fists, grab his gun mid-air, avoid the shotgun blast that’s heading towards you and then shot everyone else in the head. You do all of this in VR. Does that sound amazing? And that’s all only the most basic stuff that this action title lets you do. It’s an absolute spectacle that everyone should check out, which is probably why Superhot VR managed to earn over $2 million in the last week.

Quite an accomplishment. Especially for a game like this. Superhot VR is an indie game, so for it to make such a large amount of cash in just 7 days is astonishing. Maybe people are preparing for Half-Life: Alyx and so they’ve bought a lot of VR headsets. Then, wanting to try those headsets, they found a cool VR title to play. It’s safe to say that Superhot VR is definitely one of the best games to experience in virtual reality.

Player charging into two enemies while two shurikens fly toward them
Image credit: SUPERHOT Team

Do you own a VR headset? Then pick up Superhot VR on HRK Game right away, it’s even available for a discounted price!

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