Surviving the Aftermath Review – Amazing Colony Management Sim

The Surviving the Aftermath review is here to go over everything this colony management sim has to offer, from the good to the bad, and the tedious.

But first, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions players have about the game.

What is Surviving the Aftermath?

Surviving the Aftermath is a game where you have to manage a colony of people that need to rebuild after a global catastrophe.

Who made Surviving the Aftermath?

Surviving the Aftermath was developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive.

When did Surviving the Aftermath come out?

Surviving the Aftermath came out on November 16, 2021.

How much does Surviving the Aftermath cost?

You can buy Surviving the Aftermath for 29,99€.

Where can I find a cheap Surviving the Aftermath key?

You can find a cheap Surviving the Aftermath key on HRK Game.

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios

Can you survive the aftermath?

As a race, humans are pretty wary of the future. AI that turns against its master, nuclear war, or a comet smashing into our planet at high speeds. Many things can make us go extinct. Thankfully, none of that has happened yet. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering; What will happen that have to survive the aftermath of a global catastrophe?

Surviving the Aftermath is a game that tackles that question quite well. You’re in charge of leading a bunch of survivors that have to rebuild after the apocalypse. The game tests your capabilities with raiders, mutated creatures, insane winters, and blazing storms. Your crew must overcome all this and create their colony from scratch. You can look up some Surviving the Aftermath guide before you start the game, but it isn’t as challenging as it may appear on paper. Then again, it is a colony management sim, which can be tricky for newcomers. 

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios

Anxiety always ramps up

If you read any of the Surviving the Aftermath Steam User reviews, you probably saw that everyone agreed that the game contains a true feeling of worry. And despite your best efforts, tragedy after tragedy continues to afflict your colony, making it impossible for you to catch a break. My people were ravaged by a terrible infection, our water supplies ran low, we were out of wood, and hooligans wanted money as tribute. It was a blessing in disguise to be forced to persevere and emerge victorious. We were able to survive, but only after putting up a tremendous fight. After completing my second run through of Surviving the Aftermath in order to write this review, I came to the realization that this is not a game for people who are particularly invested in tycoon simulations. The predicament rapidly becomes more serious. It will be necessary for you to quickly create a big number of medical tents, which will ruin the aesthetic of your city; yet, this is the only way for your people to survive the many sudden illnesses that attack them.

The primary objective of Surviving the Aftermath and the gameplay that goes along with it is to amass resources. This is because the game simulates the management of a colony. My expectations of how tedious it would be were not met by the experience. There are recycling centers that will collect any plastic that has been littered. In order to maintain a healthy supply of wood, it is necessary to replant trees that have been cut down. I am well aware of the difficulty that is inherent in securing supplies of both food and water. During the time I spent playing Surviving the Aftermath in preparation for this review, one thing that stood out to me was how the RNG had complete control over your fate. You don’t have any rivers in the area? Have fun with the game till your people figure out how agriculture works. In the meantime, enjoy it.

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios

The horrible World Map

Will you require a guide for Surviving the Aftermath in order to navigate the research tree in the game? No, the game is intentionally designed to be straightforward, but you can advance your research by exploring the globe map. This is one area in which Surviving the Aftermath struggles a little bit as a game.

This is the point in the Surviving the Aftermath review playthrough where things started to become a little bit frustrating. You will receive specialists at certain points in the course of the game. These individuals are dispatched all over the world to investigate regions, engage in combat with bandits, or obtain resources. Are you kidding me? But that’s not the case. It’s a waste of time. A turn-based mechanism is used to navigate the world map. The amount of time spent foraging in a city is disproportionate to the number of research points gained. The actual fighting is an even bigger drag. Any endeavor that involves a world map is uninteresting because it contains neither a tactical nor a strategic component. It’s nothing more than something to occupy your time with.

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios

Messing around with the World Map is required for progress

Unfortunately, the gameplay premise of Surviving the Aftermath requires you to screw around with the world map in order to advance through the game. In this location, in addition to completing story tasks, you will discover supplies that are not available in any other location. It slows down the pace of the game quite a bit. It’s a shame since all I wanted to do was get back to establishing my colony and making sure all of my little soldiers had emojis with happy faces on them, but this prevented me from doing so. This is the point in this review of Surviving the Aftermath where things start to seem a little bit bleak. If you understand what I mean, I mean that if you play the game, you will see for yourself how superfluous the globe map is. In the end, it slows down the remainder of the game by a bit, which is a shame because it’s fun!

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios

Building is Surviving the Aftermath’s most enjoyable aspect

Surviving the Aftermath’s most pleasurable gameplay feature is surely building. There are numerous structures to explore. Things start out simple, but with a bit of time, effort, and luck, you’ll build double-story houses and provide your residents with an entertainment center to enjoy. Elements of the map must be evaluated regularly because if you make all over prime water table areas, you’ll be kicking yourself when it comes time to pump up the H2O from deep underground.

One grip I and many other Surviving the Aftermath Steam user reviews had is the lack of visual flare regarding buildings. It’s tough to differentiate them, which isn’t very pleasant initially when everything looks the same.

Surviving the Aftermath review
Image credit: Iceflake Studios


Now that we reach the end of this Surviving the Aftermath review, I have to say I quite liked the game. I was very connected to my survivors. They’re a group of people that went through hell and back. But they never gave up, and now they have a place for themselves in this post-apocalyptic world. The world map is still horrible, and I hate it.

Also, pick up Surviving the Aftermath on Steam via HRK Game. The PC version has much better controls than the console version.

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