Swastikas No Longer Banned In Video Games

Everyone knows that swastikas are bad, especially in Germany. That’s why a lot of games avoid showing them in that country, but that’s about to change.

Source: PCGamer

Just imagine how difficult it was for the developers of the new Wolfenstein games to censor swastikas in their game for the German version. These are shooters that are literally set in a world where the Nazi’s took over the world and are now ruling it. Now, as the Third Reich and everything connected to Hitler is a taboo subject in Germany, you can’t really show anything like that in your games. The most ridiculous example of this is Hitler who wasn’t even mentioned as the Fuhrer in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.


Of course, if your country had anything like the Nazis and Hitler in it, you wouldn’t want anything to do with that as well. But video games are a form of art and media as was proved many times over. So, why could you see swastikas in various TV series or movies, but not in the German version of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus? Well, thanks to a PCGamer article we have found out that swastikas will no longer get a hard no immediately in Germany.

This is something that a lot of people waited for, as swastikas are always used to depict the bad guys in video games. So why not just let us see that symbol of evil? Thankfully, Germany will now be more considerate of the use of swastikas in video games and everything that has Nazi connections won’t get an immediate hard censorship.

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