Take-Two Declares War Against GTA Modders

Take-Two declares war against the GTA modding community by striking some of the most popular GTA mods with DMCA takedowns.

Take-Two GTA mods
Image credit: GTA Forums

Take-Two’s tyranny starts to show its ugly head

First, they targeted GTA V map mods. GTA 3 Portland, Vice City Overhaul, and many others. Strange, considering these mods were considered “fair” under Take-Two’s agreement of what was and what wasn’t allowed.

Basically, don’t port content from older GTA titles. Also, stay FAR AWAY from GTA Online at all costs. That’s considered holy by Take-Two, which makes sense considering it’s their most profitable property yet.

Now it’s time to talk about what went wrong. First, the agreement changed in 2019. No one informed the players or modders about this change. To sum it up, Take-Two switched up their story so they can override all of the things noted as “fair” under the agreement. For example, you now can’t even create new content with modding tools.

Take-Two is currently taking down GTA mods left and right

Thanks to GTA Forums, we have a list of everything Take-Two took down. Projects over 15 years old such as GTA: Liberty City are down. They’re also DMCU striking HD texture pacts for some reason. The bottom line is, no GTA mod is safe at the moment.

Take-Two took down some of the biggest and most ambitious GTA mods like:

GTA: Underground

Liberty City Stories: PC Edition

GTA: Liberty City

Vice Cry

GTA State of Liberty

Vice City Stories: PC Edition

GTAV on San Andreas

And many, many more. Now the question is, why are they suddenly taking down so many mods for no apparent reason?

One theory claims we’re getting remasters of the old GTA games like III, Vice City, and San Andreas. However, the other theory is the most probable one and that’s the fact that  Take-Two just wants to remove all GTA content that isn’t officially made by them.

As you can imagine, GTA modders are pissed off. Of course they are, this looks like a straight-up war declaration against modding. There is no official statement from them about why this is happening, but the fans are rioting. If this continues there’s a good chance a large majority of GTA mods is going to be taken down.

What do you think, why is this happening? Is there a rhyme and reason behind these takedown’s or is Take-Two just removing anything GTA-related?

Take-Two GTA mods
Image credit: GTA Forums

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