Tekken 7 Adds Julia and Negan Later This Month

Tekken 7 is one of the most technical fighting games out there, and since it came out in 2017, the game has been played by many for a long time. Especially since Bandai Namco continues to input new characters via their Season Pass content. Season 2 has brought in some interesting new additions, and now, the final two are about to arrive, and yes, one of them is Negan from The Walking Dead. The other is Julia Chang. The two got a release date trailer showing off their gameplay.

Julia Chang is a streamer who does fights for her viewers, and has a very eccentric personality when need be. Her moves are what you would expect, but she no doubt will be fun to those who want to play as her. But of course, most people are going to want to play as the man who is the leader of the Saviors, the man with the barbed-wire bat, the man known…as Negan…

Negan is, of course, from the hit comic and TV series The Walking Dead. He’s the leader of a vicious group called The Saviors, and was one of the biggest rivals for the main character, Rick Grimes, and his crew. Negan would sometimes be charming, but other times he’d be the most vicious man on the face of the planet. His entrance in Walking Dead #100 showed Negan killing fan-favorite character Glenn by  beating him to death with his barbed-wire bat Lucille.

Not surprisingly, not only is Tekken 7 adapting Negan’s look from the Walking Dead TV show, but Lucille is his main mode of attack, aside from a knife he also uses. He’s going to be used a lot I’m sure, which is why his pack cost $7.99. Or, you can get the Season Pass and get all six characters from the season.

Julia and Negan will arrive on February 28th.

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