Tencent Aims to Buy Sumo Digital for $919 Million

China’s second-biggest tech giant, Tencent, aims to buy Sumo Digital for a staggering $919 million in the following months.

Tencent Sumo Digital
Image credit: Sumo Digital

Tencent owns a share in a lot of companies if you’re not aware. A lot of companies that develop video games and a ton of others as well. They’re a giant that keeps growing to insane heights, but it’s a scary thought when you see just how deep their fingers reach.

There’s not a lot of big or even smaller devs where Tencent doesn’t own at least a tiny part of their company. It doesn’t help when they go out of their way to buy other gigantic companies. Let’s list a few of the companies Tencent owns a share of:

  • Epic Games
  • Riot Games
  • Activision Blizzard
  • Ubisoft

It’s too early to say the video gaming industry is getting monopolized. But when you see how Tencent, Microsoft, and Sony acquire and assimilate smaller devs left and right, you’re safe to worry a bit.

Anyhow, before The Guardian announced Tencent’s plans to buy Sumo Digital, they already owned a minority stake there. And considering Sumo Digital has a good relationship with Sega and is known for doing work-for-hire on all kinds of popular franchises like Forza Horizon, Crackdown, and Hitman, their acquisition is a big deal.

Yet, Tencent buying Sumo Digital for $919 million isn’t a big detriment to their financial status. Their net worth from 2020 is $203.45 billion. Pretty sure they can afford to spend a billion here and there.

Tencent Sumo Digital
Image credit: Sumo Digital

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