Tencent Buys The Warframe Developers

Tencent aims to own all gaming developers it seems as it was officially announced that they acquired the Warframe devs as well.

Tencent Warframe
Image credit: Digital Extremes

Tencent has its hands deep in the video game industries’ honey jar. They’ve invested a lot to get a hold of stakes in many companies that make games. Some they own completely, others just sold a part of their stakes to them. Whatever the case may be, it’s concerning. A singular Chinese megacompany owns so much of the gaming industries’ developers, and that number keeps increasing. We know that the West companies always try to satisfy the requests of the Chinese powerhouses. That became clear when GOG decided to not sell Devotion even though it was supposed to be listed on that storefront. CDPR didn’t want to face backlash from their Chinese overlords for selling a game that made fun out of Xi Jinping.

Tencent now owns Digital Extremes, the devs of Warframe. Yet, the devs spoke out in a blog, assuring the players:

We will remain creatively independent, we expect no changes to Warframe or how our studio operates, and we will remain as dedicated ever to you, the community, who has been with us every step of the way since we launched Warframe.

Tencent did guy Grinding Gear Games, the Path of Exile devs. That game didn’t suffer because of it. However, megacorporations buy studios left and right, absorbing them. Sony and Microsoft are doing it as well. These devs say they get 100% creative freedom. But, how true is that?

Tencent Warframe
Image credit: Digital Extremes

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