TERA: How Does The Ninja Class Play On The Consoles?

People that are playing TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can look forward to the upcoming Ninja class. The Ninja was available at the TERA booth at PAX West, and it played quite smoothly.


The people over at mmorpg.com are the ones who tested the class on consoles, so big thanks to them. Now, what did they have to say about the new class and how it plays on consoles? Well, as we could imagine, the Ninja is quite a careful fighter. It isn’t really a class that engages a powerful enemy at the front lines, but that’s why we have stealth. Especially when you consider that TERA has very impressive combat, the Ninja must feel amazing to play.


Stealth and high damage are a fantastic combination. For those that can use it properly. From what we know, players need to do a lot of moving around and setting up for high-damage burst. In higher level dungeons you won’t survive against direct attacks from an enemy. That’s why you have access to mobility and teleportation abilities to get you out of harm’s way.

Another part of the Ninja that you have to consider is using your Chi. Chi allows you to use devastating fire attacks against your enemies. Your Chi will recover more quickly as you take down more foes, so you need to carefully use your big nukes and now waste them. All in all, the class has been adjusted to the gamepad of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so you’ll be able to maneuver and burn enemies to a crisp without much trouble.


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