Terraria Reaches 35 Million Copies Sold

Terraria celebrates 35 million copies sold over the 10 year period since it released on PC, consoles, and even mobile.

Terraria 35 million
Image credit: Re-Logic

How one indie game became the best-rated game on Steam

I remember playing Terraria 10 years ago. People said it was 2D Minecraft, but oh boy were they wrong. Terraria is a game that is all about progression. In that aspect, there’s not one game that does that better. Grind for resources, prepare, bleed and conquer the enemy in front of you. Obtain that new item and all the previous enemies you had trouble with now explode when you touch them. A power fantasy done right.

Brimming with content, Re-Logic updated Terraria for 10 years. Insanely huge content drops arrived from time to time. While many others would sell these content drops as expansions or DLC, we got them free of charge. Terraria’s table of content expanded to unimaginable heights, adding a whole new class, tons of optional events and bosses, Hard Mode, a new end-game, and a final boss.

Let’s not forget the game’s modding scene as well. Even when you and your friends drain Terraria of all of its content in 300 or 400 hours, then you install some mods. That’s another 100 hours of insanely addicting gameplay.

Ten years after its release, Terraria sells 35 million copies

Terraria recently got its final large content drop. But, small updates will continue coming. You know it’s true love when a developer keeps updating their game 10 years after its release. All for free. Naturally, this love and support births more love and support as Terraria sold:

  • 17.2 million copies on PC
  • 8.5 million copies on Consoles
  • 9.3 million copies on Mobile devices

Quite an achievement for an indie game that’s been labeled as 2D Minecraft by many. But, Terraria left that comparison behind long ago and became a cult classic in its own right. In their celebration post, Re-Logic said that the journey for Terraria is far from over. Are they hinting at more large content drops?

What do you think? Will we get more big updates? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below!

Terraria 35 million
Image credit: Re-Logic

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