Terraria Reaches Its Journey’s Actual End With Update 1.4.1

Terraria had a long 9-year run which I’m sad to report is ending with Journey’s Actual End in the form of the 1.4.1 update.

Terraria 1.4.1
Image credit: Re-Logic

An almost decade worth of free content

Re-Logic is my favorite indie studio. They charged $10 for this game. Then they proceed to update it for 9 years with insane amounts of content. No DLC, no microtransactions, nothing. Every now and then we got a mega-update that added lots of more weapons, enemies, bosses, vanity sets, mounts, pets, you name it.

I am sad to report that Terraria got its final update in the form of 1.4.1, Journey’s Actual End. We got 6 new insanely pretty vanity sets, a brand new NPC, new Achievements, some new items, an overhaul to the vanity system, and an insane amount of quality-of-life changes and balancing. Again, all free of charge. You can check out the new vanity sets down below.

Is 1.4.1 the end for Terraria?

So, 1.4.1 is the final update. What do we do now that our favorite game will no longer be updated by the devs? Well, it’s time for the community to show its creativity, love, and support for their favorite title. Re-Logic made the brilliant move to release tModLoader as a free DLC, allowing anyone to create and install mods without any issues. The modding community for Terraria has been thriving for a long time. Mods such as Calamity, Thorium, Spirit, and Elements Awoken add obscene amounts of new content and mechanics to the game. With tModLoader you can install them and play another 200 hours of Terraria easily!

To answer the ambiguous question I asked above, no, this is not the end of Terraria. I would even go as far as to say that this is a new beginning. Terraria has a wonderful community that adores the game, so I bet the mods are going to keep it alive and fresh for a long, long time.

A lot of balancing

You have an insane amount of content in this game. A lot of weapons, a lot of armor sets, a lot of accessories, a lot of different playstyles. Balancing all that can be a little tricky at times, which isn’t surprising. However, 1.4.1 does a LOT of balancing and fine-tuning. To early, mid-game, and even late-game items. Summoners and their whips got more love, Mages had some ultrapowerful weapons nerfed, some Melee accessories got tweaked, and certain enemies are now a much bigger problem than before.

You can see the balancing changes at the end of the 1.4.1 blog post on their official website.

Terraria 1.4.1
Image credit: Re-Logic

If you haven’t, you need to give Terraria a shot. I would say that it’s the perfect game with no flaws one that can be replayed over and over again without ever getting boring. So go and pick up a Terraria PC game key on HRK Game as it’s currently 50% off!

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