The Developers Of Breach Are Closing Down Shop

The folks that created Breach, the third person action RPG, are closing down shop in near future due to unknown reasons.


Breach is a game where players enter a dungeon that is controlled by another player that plays as a Veil Demon. Then the heroes need to survive the dungeon while the lone Vile Demon has to stop them if at all possible. It’s quite an interesting concept, and we have covered Breach before, saying that it was unpolished, but an interesting idea that could be something amazing if it improves on its strong points in the future.

Unfortunately, that won’t be happening, since QC Games are appareantly closing down. Why? Well, their official “Thank you” post didn’t give us any exact reason, but we’re thinking that it’s probably because Breach didn’t perform all that well, which can be seen on Steam.


The title received mixed reviews from Steam users, not because of the game itself, but because certain shady operations were performed without the players knowing about it. Like collecting information through the use of spyware, which is something that no one likes, especially if their consent isn’t given. No one likes it when a game studio shuts down, but it seems like QC Games have even been banning players that tried to talk about things like a non-existent daily player base and even those that joked about the whole spyware situation. Who bans people that are joking around?


Quite sad, but collecting information about your players and using spyware is highly frowned upon. What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave your comments in the comment section down below!

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  1. wordle unlimited says

    I can play this game all day. It’s so fascinating.

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