The Division 2: Meet The Black Tusk

The Division 2 inroduces a new kind of bad guys, The Black Tust, which are highly trained and equiped with some pretty badass weaponry.

The Division 2

Anthem obviously won’t be the success that EA wanted it to be, but maybe that’s where The Division 2 can prove itself worthy of being the looter shooter that we so deseprately need right now. The latest trailer that we got for the game shows us an enemy that should not be underestimated. An army that was bred for the sole purpose of wiping out the last remaining opposition in D.C., and they are called the Black Tusk.

Pretty intimidating dudes, and they even have robot dogs with them, which is actually quite cool. Will we able to get our hands on them in The Division 2?

The Division 2

This trailer also shows us the three specializations in the game and some of the weapons that they will be using. You have the Sharpshooter, suited for those of you that like to tear apart enemies from afar with a sniper rifle. The Survivalist was featured with a crossbow that had some sort of explosive charge on it. Looks like a fun little weapon. Lastly there’s the Demolitionist with his grenade launcher.

Seems like we will also be pretty equipped to deal with The Black Tusk, but the big armored guy with the machine gun does look quite intimidating. Better aim those grenade launchers at him as soon as you spot him approaching.

The Division 2

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