The Division 2 To Focus More On The Characters

When The Division was released, it brought a lot of things with it. It gave players a very accurate version of Manhattan to roam around and do things in. It gave plenty of options on what to do (which got expanded on in expansions), and it also gave a story to tie it all together. However, though the story was there, many felt it was lacking in areas. Including the endgame, which wasn’t fulfilling in the minds of many. So, with The Division 2 coming out, many are wondering if that will be improved.

Apparently, it will be, and not only that, it will be a key part of the game this go around. Ubisoft already promised that a lot of the issues from the first game will be fixed in the sequel. But now, the creative director of the game has spoken out on exactly how this will go down.

“Actually, The Division 2 is very focused on the survivors, and how they’ve been changing, organizing themselves during these seven months,” said El-Zibaoui while speaking to GamingBolt. “So in the first game it was reacting to the virus outbreak, through the situation that caused the riot. Now civilians are banding together, organizing themselves, arming themselves, trying to rebuild what is left to rebuild and not just resigning themselves to the situation.”

The Division

To refresh, The Division was set in Manhattan when a viral outbreak came and forced the city to lockdown. Then, terrorist groups came in and started to take over, which activated government sleeper agents called The Division to stop them. Now that they have, the next phase of the story is set up and ready to go.

Gameplay is going to be another thing that Ubisoft aims to fix in The Division 2. But how it all ties together may be the most important thing of all.

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