The Division 2 Will Have A Much Longer Endgame

The Division was a very ambitious game from Ubisoft, and one that went through many changes during its years of development. So when the endgame content didn’t live up to the expectation, gamers made sure Ubisoft knew about it, and then some. So, when The Division 2 was announced, Ubisoft promised that there would be a lot of changes and upgrades. With one of the biggest upgrades being the endgame content, and Ubisoft is now talking about what that means to them.

In an interview with GameIndustry International, Ubisoft’s David Polfeldt talked about this is kind of like a relationship with gamers, and they don’t want to let them down by cutting it short:

“That’s really the difference – we now know there’s a huge expectation on the game, not just as it is on launch day, but in year one, year two and even year three, which we’re in now with a bigger player base than we’ve had in a while. We’re…I wouldn’t say less naïve, but we’re much more aware about the fact that it’s a long relationship.


“It’s easier to project yourself into the future and go, ‘yeah, this feels fine in the beginning but what about after one year, two years? How’s this going to work?’ That’s where we started when making our design choices, from the perspective of how’s this going to work in the long term? What are people going to enjoy after two years of playing the game? From there, you can work backwards towards the ‘falling in love’ part, which is actually what the campaign is – it’s just a long love story. In our case, I think it’s going to be longer than the first one.”

So clearly they’re going to make the story, and the endgame content, longer and more fulfilling. But how will that look and play like? We’ll find out next year.

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