The Eggcellent Adventure Returns To ARK

The Eggcellent Adventure event makes it’s appearance once again, bringing exclusive loot for all ARK players!


Each year once we get close to Easter, Easter-themed events start popping up in games. It’s the same thing as with Christmas and things like that, a festive event that comes with themed loot. PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players can all look forward to another Eggcellent Adventure that lets you collect special “Bunny Eggs” from wild Bunny Dodo’s. As you can expect, these unique eggs can be painted or used in a exclusive Cooking Pot recipe to craft all kinds of exciting new item skins like the stylish Marshmallow Dodo Hat or the Chocolate Bunny Club. The skins from last year, the Bunny Ears, the Knitted Chick Hat, the Egg Shell Hat, and the Bunny Costume for the Procoptodon are also making a return.


Naturally, this isn’t all that ARK players can expect. Find Bunny Oviraptors which will be dropping Dino Candy while the event is active. This type of candy can be fed to your tames in order to invoke a special kind of festive effect. Also, don’t be scared by the new appearances of the creaturs in the game, as all of them are going to be decorated with bright colors like Blue, Magneta, Green, and Yellow.

The Eggcellent Adventure event lasts until April 30th, so players have plenty of time to enjoy all the bright and colorful festivities!

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