The Epic Games Store Will Give Away 12 Free Games Next Week

Love or hate the Epic Games Store, they’re constantly giving away free titles, and next week we will be able to claim 12 free games!

Epic Games Store logo
Image credit: Epic Games

The PC gaming community often finds itself at odds with Epic Games and its Epic Games Store. Some people think their launcher is used by the Chinese government for spying. Others just don’t like the store because it’s still lacking a bunch of features that all the other digital stores have. I just don’t like the exclusivity deals. Since they are an anti-customer move that no one likes. We like to have options when we buy our games. That goes out the window when Epic gets an exclusivity deal that makes a game only available through their own store. They try to make up for this by giving away free games.

Well, during the Game Awards a big announcement video was shown. It shows all the new exclusive Epic Games Store games (one of them is the Predator game I talked about the other game), but, it also announces the Holiday Sale of 2019 together with 12 days of free games. Oh yes, 12 titles will be up for grabs starting on December 19th. It’s quite an alluring deal, that number of games being offered to us, free of charge. Will you accept this deal, or are you one of the people that boycotts Epic Games and their practices?

Announcement of the Holiday sale 2019 and the 12 free games
Image credit: Epic Games

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know your opinions in the comments section down below!

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