The first details of the new Avengers game have been leaked

The first details of the Marvel’s Avengers game, developed by Square Enix have been leaked ahead of time.

A few days ago, what many hoped for was officially announced: this year’s E3 will finally introduce the Marvel’s Avengers game, developed by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and the Eidos Montreal team. Now, the first tiny info crumbs have arrived.

Although it is right now considered to be a leak, some details of the game were accidentally published by E3’s organizer, and then later removed. Luckily there is always someone who manages to download the information in time, and this is exactly what happened in Marvel’s Avengers’ case.

We found out that the game will be an epic action adventure game that combines a movie-like narrative with complex single player and cooperative content. It seems the cooperative will include teams of 4 players combining various skill sets, superpowers and play styles.

The official reveal is set to take place on 11th June, during Square Enix’s E3 presentation.

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