The Forgotten City Is Finally Out

The Forgotten City is now out as a standalone indie game full of time loops, intriguing dialogue, explorations, and puzzles.

The Forgotten City out
Image credit: Modern Storyteller

Who says you can’t make it in the video game industry as a modder? The Forgotten City was once a Skyrim mod that boasted over 3 million downloads. It was quite an exceptional experience, too good to be true, considering it was a mod that everyone could download and enjoy, free of charge.

Well, then the makers of the mod decided to make a full game. Improvements are noticeable in all areas, from the dialogue, voice acting, puzzles, and so on. They expanded the story greatly with tons of more writing, twists, and endings. There are also little to no bugs to be found, which is strange to see today.

If you’re in the mood to explore an ancient Roman city, a non-linear mystery with multiple endings, engaging dialogue, and some interesting time loop mechanics, The Forgotten City is now out and available on all platforms. This mod, now a standalone game, showcases just how many options modding brings to the video game table.

What do you think of The Forgotten City? Did you play it as a Skyrim mod, or do you intend to experience it as a standalone experience now?



The Forgotten City out
Image credit: Modern Storyteller

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