The Free ’98 Skins For Resident Evil 2 Remake Are Hilariously Amazing

If you’re finding the Resident Evil 2 Remake to be too spooky for you, get the free ’98 skins to ligthen up the mood.

Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 remake might be our favorite horror survival shooter ever. No other game in the last few years managed to make zombies as scary as this title. Let’s not forget other characters that instill an sensational fear of dread like Mr. X, which has become quite a popular fellow in the community. If everything is just too spooky for you, why don’t you download two free skins that will make everything a bit funnier.

Yes, as you can imagine, these two retro skins made their way from the original ’98 game, and their character models are hilarious. The game is quite easier to play when you’re laughing at your character model 70% of the time. Both Claire’s and Leon’s skin are free for the taking, and we recommend you get both of them.

Resident Evil 2

The players that experienced the ’98 version of Resident Evil 2 will love this as well, as it is a pretty sweet nostalgic throwback. We still say that the main point for using these two skins is to lessen the incredibly eerie atmosphere of the game. That’s quite a plus if you’re like us and aren’t all that accustomed to horror games.

You can find and pick these skins by heading into the “Costume” menu.

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