The Last of Us Remake Coming To PC

The Last of Us Remake is coming to PC, which makes all those rumors true and makes all of us PC gamers really happy.

Image credit: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is a PlayStation masterpiece, in rank with games like Bloodborne. It’s already a classic that impressed people from all around the globe. Naturally, a lot of people wanted to see the game on PC. Many rumors circulated for a long time, talking about a PC port. But it’s a rumor no longer. We’re going to experience the post-apocalyptic world with Ellie and Joel on our computers.

Sony leaked the release themselves. The PlayStation Direct site showed a listing that ResetEra quickly picked up on. It’s coming on PS5 on September 2nd. We don’t know if that’s also the release date for the PC port, but at least we know it’s coming.

The Last of Us remake will be a total overhaul. Everything the original was loved for now with modernized gameplay, better controls, and improved accessibility options. Combat and exploration will also be improved. All in all, Sony finally understands what kind of money they can make by bringing their blockbuster hits to PC.

The Last of Us Remake PC
Image credit: Naughty Dog

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