The Mobile Title, Westworld, Is Shutting Down In April

After the lawsuit settlement between Bethesda and Behavior Interactive, it seems that Westworld is shutting down soon.

Image: Shacknews

If you don’t know, Bethesda sued Behavior Interactive (the dev studio that made Fallout Shelter) because they also made the Westworld mobile game that looked surprisingly familiar to Fallout Shelter. Since these were the people that developed Bethesda’s little title, it was said that they used the game code, level designs, and other intellectual property of Bethesda.

Then a lawsuit against Behavior Interactive got started, and after some time, it was thought that everything was settled. Looking at it objectively, Westworld does look incredibly similar to Fallout Shelter, which was mostly game that was made to increase the hype for Fallout 4.


Even though everyone thought that the lawsuit agreement didn’t include anything like the shutting down of this game, it is still happening. The game got removed from both the App Store and Google Play the other day, so you can no longer download it and you can’t make any in-game purchases. Those of you that are playing the game and have any in-game currency, spend it before April 16th, 2019. That’s when the game officially goes offline.


What are your thoughts on all of this? Was the game doing poorly so they decided to shut it down all of a sudden, or does this have something to do with Bethesda? Let us know your opinions in the comments section down below!

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