The Netflix Witcher Series Disappoints Us Again

A certain YouTube video shows us some actors from the Netflix Witcher series that are wearing some awful-looking armor.

YouTube video, Netflix Witcher

Ever since we got our first glimpse at Henry as Geralt, we got worried about the Netflix Witcher series. Why? Because they put a horrible wig on him instead of a realistic one. But, most of us said that it was alright, you shouldn’t judge an entire show based on one lousy wig. Now there’s this video (taken down as of now, check out more pictures on Resetera) that shows the actors from the upcoming show in their, we’re assuming Nilfgaardian armor. Our disappointment is immeasurable if the show has this level of quality.

Netflix is pretty hit-or-miss with its adaptations, and it’s looking like this one is going to be a miss. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players in the comments section of this video are tearing the armor and its look apart. As they should, this looks like an improved version made by a cosplayer that didn’t have the money or the time to create something that actually looks good and authentic.

YouTube video, Netflix Witcher

Some say that maybe this isn’t the armor that is worn by the Black Ones. Perhaps that’s true, but for now, which other faction could wear something that looks like this? Maybe it’s a faction that wasn’t shown in the games. Still, just how much do they plan to improve the look of it in post-production? We know it won’t look like this on our screens while we’re watching it, but it looks horrible nonetheless.

The Netflix Witcher TV series can’t afford to make any big mistakes. Everyone is already on the edge about the whole thing, and all of this negative marketing doesn’t help them at all. It’s coming sometime later this year, so let’s hope for the best!

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