The Netflix Witcher Series Got Vesemir But It’s Not Who We Expected

The Netflix Witcher series finally found the actor that’s going to play Geralt’s father figure, Vesemir, but it isn’t Mark Hamill.

Netflix Witcher Vesemir Hamill
Image credit: Netflix

Mark Hamill expressed his interest in playing Vesemir, the most experienced and cunning Witcher that is also a father figure to Geralt. Well, Mark didn’t get the role, Kim Bodnia did. Don’t worry if you don’t recognize his name, he is a Danish actor. Quite an excellent one at that. This dude has been winning Danish film industry awards for a while now. He’s a respected and experienced actor that actually suits Vesemir’s character quite well.

After all, Vesemir is a cunning, wise, and a quite powerful Witcher. Kim does look the part. It’s a shame that the Netflix Witcher series won’t see Vesemir played by someone like Mark Hamill in this role, but Kim Bodnia is also a fantastic choice. I mean this dude has been in the film industry for a while now. He obviously has the required skills and experience. We will just have to wait until 2021 to see Vesemir in action once season 2 releases. While that is quite a long wait, there are ways to keep ourselves entertained for 2020 and a good part of 2021.

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