The Pokemon Company Making A Mobile Game?

While Nintendo may have been up and down a bit in 2018 (though they ended strongly as the recent financial briefing proved), the Pokemon franchise has never been stronger. The mobile GO game has been raking in money and continued to get new players. The movie “The Power Of Us” received really good reviews at theaters and on Disney XD, and Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee on Switch combined for 10 million in sales before the end of the year. 

So that begs the question…what’s next? Well, the answer may be right in front of us, as The Pokemon Company has made a listing on their site, and it states that they’re making a new game…a mobile game…

The Principal Game Designer will work within a team of designers, engineers, artists, producers, and tester to create an upcoming mobile game. We are looking for a creative individual that not only understands the secret sauce to fun games but also can communicate that vision to others. This candidate will spend a lot of time coordinating with both Studio leadership and individual contributors and must have fantastic people skills.

Pokemon GO

So as you can see, the game is going to be another Pokemon mobile title. But the question is…what kind? Believe it or not, the franchise has had multiple mobile titles, in fact, there were some before Nintendo’s “Mobile Initiative”. Which makes it all the more interesting that the US branch of the company is making a new title within the series.

Plus, you must remember that the Nintendo Switch is aiming to get a Pokemon title this year as well. One that is very different from the Let’s GO titles and more like the handheld titles that helped make the series what it is today.

Given that they’re still looking for people, it’s unlikely we’ll hear about this game anytime soon.

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