The Quarry Game Review – Supermassive Games’ Best Horror Drama?

In The Quarry game review, I take a deep divo into Supermassive Games’ latest horror drama and see how the studio managed to push their formula to the absolute limit in one of their best releases.

But before that, let us answer some of the most common The Quarry questions together!

What is The Quarry game about?

The Quarry is an interactive horror-drama video game where you assume the role of nine teenagers that have to survive a night full of supernatural fright and violence.

When does The Quarry come out?

The Quarry came out on June 9, 2022.

Who made The Quarry?

The Quarry was made by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games.

How much does The Quarry cost?

You can buy The Quarry for 59,99€.

Where can I find a cheap The Quarry game key?

You can find a cheap The Quarry game key on HRK Game.

The Quarry game review
Image credit: Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games are back

There were a lot of games produced by Supermassive Games; some of them were good, while others were not as good. Their preferred subgenre is known as interactive storytelling, which is also the name of the category that both Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology are classified under.

These games are the ideal combination of traditional gaming and the entertainment offered on television. People who aren’t interested in rapid thinking, quick reflexes, or mastering tremendously intricate techniques will find this game very enjoyable. But when it comes to the quality of its interactive narrative design, The Quarry is a video game that either impresses or disappoints.

Games like Until Dawn and others like it have a higher level of skill than their cliched storylines and character archetypes would lead one to believe. This intelligence is concealed due to the fact that these experiences are just as powerful when viewed as spectator ones as when viewed as interactive ones. They mix the best aspects of campfire ghost stories and the nostalgia of choose-your-own-adventure books, and on top of that they add astounding visual accuracy and strong acting performances. The Quarry is a video game that, to this day, offers the purest example of that particular combination.

It’s obvious The Quarry is a game that shows a lot of respect to horror as a genre

While playing this title for The Quarry game review, I experienced a lot of decrepit palaces, twisting scrap yards, and hazy forests that revealed additional information as you creep deeper into them. And it’s not a knock on the game to claim that those features are mostly unneeded on their own, as they lead to The Quarry being one of the best examples of horror worship in video games.

The Quarry game review
Image credit: Supermassive Games

Creature design and practical effects aren’t as popular as they once were. Everything is digitalized and computer-made now. But horror movies from the 70s and 80s excelled in that department. Their uncanny realistic look made your skin crawl. The Quarry seems a lot like one of those movies, just with a bit of interactivity added on. The “Paths” system helps with that. It tracks every decision the player makes. Naturally, they all bring different results in the end.

Supermassive Games use their standard formula for The Quarry

The structure that is used in The Quarry is, for the most part, the same as that used in Supermassive Games’s other video games. Exploration of the surroundings, the search for clues, participation in QuickTime events, and selection of appropriate responses are all components of this system. On the other hand, The Quarry as a game outperforms its predecessors in a number of categories that weave in and out of the typical moment-to-moment gameplay of the game. These categories include:

The game is able to successfully generate an atmosphere and tone that is saturated in the kind of creepiness that keeps dragging on throughout the plot, never letting the suspense drop. This is accomplished by successfully establishing an atmosphere and tone that is soaked in blood. It’s all about knowing how to strike the right balance between creepiness and mystique, as well as peril and intrigue. Because of this component, the entirety of my time spent playing The Quarry for the purpose of writing this review was consistently enjoyable.

The story won’t blow you away

The Quarry doesn’t feature an original or particularly enticing horror storyline. It’s everything you’ve seen at least a hundred times this year alone. Yet, Supermassive Games throw enough curveballs to keep things exciting. Subversions, twists, and random turns of events will keep you on the edge of your seat. Thanks to the game’s branching narrative, the replayability of The Quarry is insane.

The Quarry game review
Image credit: Supermassive Games

The Quarry game characters feature many celebrity stunt casts that are a nice, if ultimately irrelevant, feature of the game’s plot. You will find David Arquette, Lin Shaye, Lance Henriksen, and Ethan Suplee from ‘My Name is Earl,’ in this game, and they are always a welcome sight regardless of the project. The Quarry is fortunate that actors such as Skyler Gisondo, Halston Sage, and Miles Robbins deliver empathic, hilarious, and genuine performances alongside the leading group of eight youngins who withstand the terror of the game’s plot.

You will figure out The Quarry’s story before it decides to unravel it

The problem with having a rather by-the-books horror storyline is that you can quickly figure out the gist of it. Yes, the plot has curveballs that come at you now and then, but the bigger picture is apparent pretty early on. And you have to go along with the game’s slow pace until the devs decide it’s time for you to know something you figured out a while back.

The Quarry game review
Image credit: Supermassive Games

And if you want to try another path, The Quarry will not praise your attempts at trying something different. No, you will be punished. And that most likely means death, which is quite infuriating at certain plot points.

Some choices still give unexpected results

As with other Supermassive games, certain choices in The Quarry result in entirely different actions from your character than you might have expected; for example, thinking you might trick an enemy into becoming trapped in a nearby room by selecting a specific prompt, but instead having your character simply enter that room and die.

The Quarry game review
Image credit: Supermassive Games

Fortunately, I discovered during my second playthrough for this The Quarry game review that there’s a ‘death rewind’ mechanism. One that allows you to immediately repeat a sequence in which your character’s head may have made way for a shotgun blast, soared across the room without a body, or experienced the warm embrace of a bear trap.


Since Supermassive started its narratively-driven interactive horror games romp, a lot of time has passed. We got some solid ones and some rather lackluster games, but The Quarry is quite an enjoyable title. I might even say that it’s the best game they’ve made. It’s a love letter to old horror movies that constantly keeps you engaged with its twists and turns.

If you liked what you read in this The Quarry game review, you can go and get a cheap The Quarry game key over at HRK Game. We always feature the best discounts on the internet, so go pick up this title and enjoy Supermassive’s latest horror drama!

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    The Quarry is an interactive horror-drama video game where you assume the role of nine teenagers that have to survive a night full of supernatural fright and violence.

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