Overwatch Getting Another Free Weekend

We can’t actually believe that Overwatch is only two years old. When you don’t think about it much, it seems like this hero shooter has been around for quite a while now, but in actuality, the game is quite fresh. Still, this multiplayer title went through a lot of changes, got a lot of new content, and the fans stuck through all of this, so now we have another anniversary to look forward to, and another free weekend as well.


We think that there aren’t many people out there that still haven’t tried Overwatch at least once in their life, but, if we are wrong, this free weekend will run on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, so you can try it on all platforms. This is a game where you play as characters that all have specific weapons and abilities, and you have to work together with your team to achieve a specific objective. Yes, this is not a shooter where you want to rack up the most kills, even though that sometimes helps, you want to work together with your teammates in order to crush the opposing side.

You can play Overwatch from May 25 – May 28, and if you like the game and decide to buy it later, all of the progress that you’ve made during the free weekend will stay, which is great.


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