The Story Elements In Rage 2 Were Important To Bethesda

When the original Rage came out by ID Software some time ago, it was meant to be a next-gen shooter of a sort. After all, this was the team that made DOOM all those years ago. But for all its hopes, it didn’t live up to the hype. But now, Bethesda has come along to help make Rage 2, and make it better than it was before, and that includes in all the aspects that matter, including the story.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, narrative director Odd Ahlgren and its senior narrative designer Loke Wallmo talked about how the story has become more than it was in the original title.

“They knew that they wanted a strong story component in the game, and pushed for that from the beginning,” said Wallmo.

They then gave examples of what you can expect in regards to the depth of the story and the world of Rage 2:

“Most people you meet, most stuff that you see, even enemies that you never really talk to, they have a backstory and they have a reason to be there, and they have a reason to behave in the outrageous way that they do,” said Ahlgren. “Most of these things are explained if you look close enough.”

“We’ve sort of spread it out all over the place so it’s kind of like more of a sandbox,” added Wallmo. “You’re going to a certain place and you find something there and it has a context and story.

Oh, but don’t worry, there’s going to be a lot of craziness in the game like you would hope:

“Something that I think RAGE put a lot of focus on that we’ve tried to maintain is the crazy characters that show up and have their own motivations for doing things and asking things of you. That’s something that we want to spread out through the world a little bit as well. 

The game will release on May 14th.


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