The US Navy Is Partnering Up With Esports Organizations

US Navy is officially becoming a partner of Dreamhack and ESL as they enter the esports scene as the Official Festival Partner.

US Navy esports
Image source: DreamHack

Did you know that the US Army made its own esports team a while back? Yeah the United States Army Esports Team is their name. Is that strange? A bit yes. But now we shouldn’t be surprised about this whole ordeal. The US Navy is becoming an Official Festival Partner of both Dreamhack and ESL North America. Have you ever wanted to play a military shooter with an actual soldier? You will get to do that at Dreamhack Anaheim and Dreamhack Dallas.

Some think this is a sneaky way for the military to draft young gamers into the army. Yet, I think it’s a chance for gamers to play Rainbow Six Siege with a guy that did a lot of the stuff you can do in that game in real life.  Where else can you play a couple of rounds of a shooter with a Naval officer or even a veteran? Maybe it is propaganda. The US Navy would go to great lengths to recruit more young people into the army, even get involved heavily with esports. But I don’t think anyone that doesn’t want to enlist themselves would be convinced to do so by some army people.

Is it a drafting strategy? Or is it harmless fun? It depends on how you look at things. But who wouldn’t want to play Battlefield V with a real soldier?

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